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Awards given by the trusted brand

Hercules.Finance have establish itself as a portal website for world’s Financial industry with the highest standards since 2011. The website will continue to serve the best interests of online investors while responsibly connecting the Financial brokers with investors worldwide.

Reviews, Information Exchange and Community

Community grown by the traders

Hercules.Finance has been delivering the right and accurate information especially in Europe, Asia (Japan) and South Africa. In a timely manner, their information reaches to over 870,000 traders a month nowadays.

Advancing with Asia and Africa

Looking ahead to the next generation

Hercules.Finance expands its presence to Asia and South Africa. Not only creating connections between Financial brokers and investors while looking ahead of the new era of Financial industry, but supporting the Financial industry through its activity.

Financial Awards Winners 2021

Hercules.Finance Forex Awards 2020 have been won by the following brokers.

Best Forex Broker 2020

XM (XMTrading)

The Forex Broker which has kept the 1st place in Hercules.Finance’s ranking for longer period in 2019

XM has a substantial presence in the industry and it is growing. By attaining the exemplary standard, XM has demonstrated that it is the leading company. Also as XMTrading brand, the broker’s popularity is undeniable among local brokers in Asia (Japan).

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Best Forex Broker Asia 2020


The Forex Broker with great success in Asia (Southeast Asia, Japan) in 2019

FBS stays to be the first choice among traders in Asia since before its expansion to Japanese market in 2015. FBS runs traders’ first promotions with openness to cultural, national, ethnic and religious diversity. The broker aims to lead the online foreign exchange market, working closely with partners across the world.

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Best Trader Rating Broker 2020

IFC Markets

The Forex Broker with the highest rating by traders of Hercules.Finance throughout 2019

IFCMarkets’s long history since its foundation in 2006 and the stable operation have led to the highest rating by the traders of Hercules.Finance.

Best Customer Supports Broker 2020

Swiss Markets

The Forex Broker with the highest rating on the “Customer Support” by traders of Hercules.Finance in 2019

Swiss Markets is one of the Forex brokers with the highest rating on Hercules.Finance. The broker is dedicated to delivering superior customer support through sophisticated website and staffs.

Best MT4 Broker 2020


The MT4 Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the most superior trading environment in 2019

Since 2011, Axiory strives to be the best in terms of transparency and honesty to the traders. In recent years, Axiory has strengthened its characteristics as NDD/STP broker with low investment cost and has grown greatly especially for traders in eastern Asia.

Best cTrader Broker 2020

Tradeview Forex

The cTrader Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the most optimal trading environment in 2019

Tradeview Forex supports MT4, MT5, Currenex and cTrader trading platforms. Traders especially value the cTrader’s tight spread and ECN trading advantages.

Best MT5 Broker 2020


The MT5 Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the most ideal trading environment in 2019

HYCM provides an opportunity to invest in +300 financial instruments from 5 asset classes (Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies) on 3 different MT5 account types with low initial required investment fund.

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Best Social Trading Platform 2020


The Social Trading Platform Provider with the highest rating by traders of Hercules.Finance in 2019

ZuluTrade is the most popular social and copy trading platform provider. ZuluTrade has accomplished to meet investors’ standard and chosen by countless number of signal providers.

Best Platform Broker 2020


The Forex Broker with the highest rating on the trading platforms and tools in 2019

HotForex is well recognized for the services and the technology they provide under the fully regulated environment. The broker’s supporting tools on MT4 and MT5 adapt any kinds of strategies to meet investors’ needs.

Best Cryptos Trading Broker 2020

IronFX (and IronX)

The Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the most ideal Cryptocurrency trading environment in 2019

IronFX (and IronX) making great efforts to integrate Cryptocurrency into Forex market with the new idea of the regulated cross-platform. Many awards by independent and respected financial media demonstrate that IronFX is already considered one of the best Forex brokers.

Most High Leverage Trading Broker 2020


The Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the highest leverage and rating by the traders in 2019

FXGlory continues to advance with 1:3000 high leverage despite the regulatory backwind worldwide. The broker has achieved to provide FX traders in need of basic advantages.

Best Promotion Broker 2020


The Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the best and most attractive promotion in 2019

As a leading and award-winning online Forex broker, JustForex is fully committed to the services to clients, offering the very best technology, conditions and support within the currency trading industry.

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Best STP Broker 2020


The Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the most optimal STP trading environment in 2019

YADIX has established a firm trust as a True STP Broker with scalpers, EA builders and HFT traders. YADIX’s MT4 appeals to real and professional investors all over the world.

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Most Transparent Forex Broker 2020


The Forex Broker on Hercules.Finance with the most transparent environment in 2019

AnzoCapital values the transparency to rebuild traders’ confidence with clients’ perspective in mind since 2016. The organization is firmly established worldwide, providing stable trading platforms with great order transparency.

Hercules.Finance commits for Financial industry

Hercules.Finance hopes to build the industry with the optimal environment for all relevant parties, by working closely with Financial brokers and listening carefully to investors.

Hercules.Finance aims for sophistication and continuous improvement of the industry, while overcoming the back-wind by malicious activities taking advantages of technologies and changes of regulations still necessary but causing inconvenience.


Who is conducting the selection and review of the brokers?

Reviews and selections of H.F Financial Awards are conducted by the member of Hercules.Finance and related parties (third party).

For more information about the members of Hercules.Finance, please visit the page here. About Hercules.Finance

How can a company join H.F Financial Awards?

H.F Financial Awards are given to the companies listed on Hercules.Finance. For listing, please first fill in the form here. Partnership Form