About Hercules.Finance Forex Awards

Hercules.Finance Forex Awards are the awards for Forex brokers on the basis of the recent survey conducted by the online Forex portal website "Hercules.Finance".

Hercules.Finance Forex Awards recognize the quality of their services and dedication to delivering innovation and technology for investors.

  • Cutting edge technology not only limited to FX
  • Low trading cost for investors
  • Analysis and tools to support invention and discovery of new strategies
  • Educational programs to support industry and grow traders
  • Multilingual customer support required by world-class specialists

Hercules.Finance Forex Awards congratulates people who have continuously supported Forex industry.

Hercules.Finance commits for Financial industry

Hercules.Finance hopes to build the industry with the optimal environment for all relevant parties, by working closely with Financial brokers and listening carefully to investors.

Hercules.Finance aims for sophistication and continuous improvement of the industry, while overcoming the back-wind by malicious activities taking advantages of technologies and changes of regulations still necessary but causing inconvenience.


Who is conducting the selection and review of the brokers?

Reviews and selections of H.F Financial Awards are conducted by the member of Hercules.Finance and related parties (third party).

For more information about the members of Hercules.Finance, please visit the page here. About Hercules.Finance

How can a company join H.F Financial Awards?

H.F Financial Awards are given to the companies listed on Hercules.Finance. For listing, please first fill in the form here. Partnership Form